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Get Suarez Peace Of Mind

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of building thousands of homes for our Tampa Bay area neighbors. Every Suarez home is meticulously crafted and offers unparalleled value and quality because we understand that a new home is among the biggest investments you’ll make in your life. And you’re backed by the industry’s most comprehensive buyer protection programs.

Homebuyer Introduction Program (HIP)

For starters, our Homebuyer Introduction Program guarantees that your new home is built by the highest industry standards. We have our Suarez licensed professional examine every square inch of your new home prior to closing. If the inspector discovers any issues, they will be resolved ASAP at our cost.

Purchase Protection

Every Suarez home comes with a nationally-insured, fully transferable 2-10-Year Homebuyer’s Warranty as well as a One-year warranty against any workmanship deficiencies. With buyer protection programs like ours, it’s easy to see why so many of our customers tell us they sleep so peacefully in their new Suarez home!


Your Local Builder Since 1974

Suarez Housing had been exceeding customer expectations for over 40 years. Company founder Bob Suarez believes in building houses the old-fashioned way with Florida’s climate in mind; with doorways encased with wood; with 12″ minimum roof overhangs; and with Techshield Radiant Barriers. Mr. Suarez has been personally overseeing construction since 1974.  

Construction Features

The Suarez Difference

Suarez Housing’s homes are built to exceed customer expectations and Florida’s building codes. All our home plans are designed to be energy efficient and hurricane-ready.



Techshield Radiant BarrierPrevents up to 97% of the sun’s heat from entering the attic, reducing the attic temperature which helps your A/C system work more efficiently.
R-30 insulation in all ceilingsCombined with techshield keeps your home cooler
Full block construction with 3000 PSI concrete filled cellsExcellent storm protection rated to 120 MPH winds.
16-inches on center wood interior studs on load bearing walls. 24-inches on center wood interior studs on non-load bearing walls.Sturdier and stronger framing that help minimize bowed walls.
Roof overhangs – minimum of 12-inches.Prevents rain water from running down exterior walls and windows; shades the house helping to save on cooling costs.
Hardie™ board backing at shower basesProvides superior moisture resistance versus drywall or green board
All doors and closet doors are fully cased; full wood jams and casing inside and out of openings.Stronger doorways; built for endurance and better appearance.
Home Buyers 2-10 WarrantyInsurance program protects homeowner against major structural defects.
BORA-CARE® termite treatmentProtection against termite damage.
1/2 horsepower GE garbage disposalsFor more power and efficiency.
4-inches monolithic slab with 16-inches footer, saw cut control joints2500 PSI concrete with steel wire reinforcement embedded in slab; control joints greatly reduce and control cracking
Our homes exceed all local building codesAll homes designed to withstand 150 mph wind loads at “Exposure C”


New vs Pre-Owned

Buying a new home is exciting for a number of reasons: It could be getting to choose all of the interior finishes or being the first to cook in that gourmet kitchen. For some, it’s the joy of not inheriting someone else’s problems and the comfort of a warranty that ensures your comfort and Peace of Mind.


new-vs-preownedHere Are Just A Few Reasons Why To Buy A New Suarez Home:

  • Your new Suarez home will be built to feature your personalized interior design choices.
  • You can choose your community, site, and floorplans as they suit your family’s needs and desires.
  • The building process will include you from the start: you’ll be walked through every step of the way.
  • You’ll be the first family ever to live in your new Suarez home. Everything will be brand new – the kitchen cabinets, the plush carpet, the newly painted walls, all backed by nationally recognized brands.
  • Because Suarez Housing builds specifically for the Florida climate, you can be sure that our homes are ready for whatever Florida weather can bring, from hurricanes to drought, and anything in between.

Visit our communities and tour our model homes to find out why we’ve been your local builder since 1974.